Art Work

To get the best possible printing or embroidery results it's very important that your art is saved in the correct file type.

The preferred file type for most promotional product & uniform branding is a Vector file. These file types enable us to accurately manipulate and re-size images without any loss of quality or detail, ensuring the best possible reproduction of your logo on a variety of promotional products.

Vector files can be saved as-
EPS or AI files

JPEG (.jpg) files
These files can be used for embroidery or promotional products such as hats and bags but need to be re-drawn for printing and engraving. A high resolution jpeg file can also be used for digital or offset printing jobs, however these files will not give optimal results.

PDF files
PDF files are becoming the industry standard for offset, digital & screen printing of promotional merchandise and can be used most times.

Doc files and text files
Microsoft files are the least desirable files for use but if it is a very simple design we may be able to work with it. Detailed images will need to be re-drawn.

All fonts must be converted to outlines / curves or supplied as tiff files for us to load into our system.

Sending artwork
Please email artwork to - if it is less than 5MB. If your art file is larger than 5MB please save it to a disk & post it to us at - PO Box 5160 Hallidays Point NS W 2430.

If your art needs to be used as a vector file and you don't have it saved in this file we can redraw it for you. Redraw fees are $65.00 per hour & in most cases cost between $35.00 & $65.00. The bonus of redrawing your art and saving it as a vector is that once we re create your art we will send it to you so you can use for future projects that use this file type.

One time art set up fees
We hate charging our clients set up fees! That why unlike other promotional suppliers we pay the set up fees for you on embroidered products garments & screen printed garments with 1 colour designs. Any additional screens for printing jobs of 2 colours or more will be charged at $75.00 per screen. All promotional products incur a set up fee which varies depending on the product. Please contact us to confirm set up fees.

All jobs receive a digital file emailed to them before decorating commences. To ensure fast turn around on your order we encourage clients to reply to art proofs asap.



Making sure your art stands out!


When you design a uniform or promotional product it is important that you consider how your brand will be seen. The 2 most important things to consider are -

The size of the decoration -
For example - when using embroidery on the chest of a polo shirt, the average size of the embroidery is about 8cm's - 9cm's across the widest point of the design. If you have lots of small text in your logo it may be very hard to read when this size so you may need to increase the size of the embroidery so your branding is easier to read.

The colour of the decoration -
The most common cause for disappointing results when printing is the use of dark print colours on dark backgrounds, or light print colours on light backgrounds. This results in your branding blending into the background & not giving your design the exposure it deserves.
Similar colour tones & shades can be extremely effective when a subtle effect is desired but we encourage you to put much thought into the colour & size of your design.
If you are unsure about the colour & or size of your branding feel free to contact our design team for some free expert advice.

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